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In order to get referred to us, you must first contact one of our referring agencies/community partners. Once you have a case manager, ask them about being referred to us in order to fulfill your needs.

To donate furniture and other household items, you may either drop-off the items at the Amazing Store or request a pickup.

There is a fee for pickup, which can be found here.

We take almost any anything as long as it is not broken, ripped, or stained. CRT monitors and cribs that are not federally approved are not accepted for donation.

The list of people eligible for our program includes veterans, victims of natural disasters, fires, and floods, parents and children escaping domestic violence, homelessness and poverty, disabilities, mental illness and physical illness, those transitioning out of shelters and or halfway houses and into permanent housing, and senior citizens.

The Amazing Store is located at 23 Commercial Street, Waterbury, CT.

Yes, you can. The Amazing Store is a thrift store which is open to the public as well as our referred clients.